[API] IPaidThat

Base URL: https://api.edealdevis.com
Get all the invoices and credit notes created by a company during a period of time.
Note: The PDF documents generated by a request are available during 24h.
  • Authorization: Basic base64_encoded_credentials

Parameters: Query String

page The page to return (starting at 0)
limit The number of document to return by page
startDate The older date (format: "DD/MM/YYYY")
endDate The most recent date (format: "DD/MM/YYYY")
Response type: JSON

{ next: string, #URL of the request to get the next page (if exist) previous: string, #URL of the request to get the previous page (if exist) companyName: string, #Name of the company issuing the documents documents: [ { id: string, #A unique identifier for the document documentType: string, #The type of the document: invoice, invoiceDeposit, situationInvoice, creditNoteInvoice, creditNoteInvoiceDeposit, creditNoteSituationInvoice documentNumber: string, #The number of the document date: date, #The date of the document dueDate: date, #The due date of the invoice (or null for credit notes) customerName: string, #The name of the customer totalHT: float, #The total amount before taxes totalTVA: float, #The total taxes amount totalTTC: float, #The total amount including taxes currency: string, #The currency used (EUR) amountToPay: float, #The remaining amount owed (or null for credit notes) attachmentURL: string, #The URL where the document can be downloaded } ] }
Get all the invoices and credit notes between 01/12/2022 and 31/12/2022, for the company of the user with username my_username.

REQUEST curl -XPOST 'https://api.edealdevis.com/ipaidthat/invoicesAndCreditNotes_v2?page=1&limit=3 &startDate=01/12/2022&endDate=31/12/2022' \ -H "Authorization: Basic bXlfdXNlcm5hbWU6bXlfcGFzc3dvcmQ=" RESPONSE { "next":"https://api.edealdevis.com/ipaidthat/invoicesAndCreditNotes_v2?page=2&limit=3 &startDate=01/12/2022&endDate=31/12/2022", "previous":"https://api.edealdevis.com/ipaidthat/invoicesAndCreditNotes_v2?page=0&limit=3 &startDate=01/12/2022&endDate=31/12/2022", "companyName":"SARL Pinceau", "documents":[ { "id":"63a04afa7841ea56ceabbb89", "documentType":"invoice", "documentNumber":"F-ZETJUL-23.12.2022-345-123", "date":"2022-12-23T15:34:39.627Z", "dueDate":"2022-12-23T15:34:39.627Z", "customerName":"M ZETNO Jules", "totalHT":7549.49, "totalTVA":415.22, "totalTTC":7964.71, "currency":"EUR", "amountToPay":0, "attachmentURL":"https://..." }, { "id":"639210f3cfc07a0e688ecbv8", "documentType":"invoiceDeposit", "documentNumber":"F-DEMROS-13.12.2022-350-122", "date":"2022-12-13T15:17:44.119Z", "dueDate":"2022-12-13T15:17:44.119Z", "customerName":"Mme DEMISA Roseline", "totalHT":4388.27, "totalTVA":241.35, "totalTTC":4629.63, "currency":"EUR", "amountToPay":1500, "attachmentURL":"https://..." }, { "id":"6368eaf1e2c6a1cb45c8zr77", "documentType":"creditNoteInvoiceDeposit", "documentNumber":"A-BACPAU-05.12.2022-327-121", "date":"2022-12-05T08:58:26.351Z", "dueDate":null, "customerName":"Mme BACCARD Pauline", "totalHT":225, "totalTVA":22.5, "totalTTC":247.5, "currency":"EUR", "amountToPay":null, "attachmentURL":"https://..." } ] }